About Fair Babie

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About Fair Babie

The idea for Fair Babie was born when my first born developed eczema. I researched natural remedies and came across a whole world of organic children’s products!

Since then I try to do all I can to only buy organic and fair trade products, not only are they better for the environment and your child’s skin but they also provide better wages and conditions for the farmers who grow the crops and the people who make the clothes!

My main aim as a mum is to spread the word that there are alternatives. After researching and realising that it could potentially have been a child, or adult working in dire conditions for little to no money making the clothes I was putting on my children was more than enough for me to find alternatives! Not only did I have no idea what chemicals were used in the process of making and dying those clothes, I also had no idea what pesticides and chemicals were used to grow the cotton.

As a little extra care for our environment we only use bio-degradable & recycled packaging to send your items.

Not only are the clothes we stock from various brands organic, fair trade (or both) but they’re also super funky and kids love to wear them!

If you have any queries about any of the products we stock please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page or email us at info@fairbabie.co.uk