Ostheimer Meadow – 4 parts

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Ostheimer meadow set 4pcs.

length 30.5cm

age 3+ostheimer wooden toys

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 Ostheimer meadow

Handcrafted wooden meadow by ostheimer. This ostheimer meadow set is perfect for creating imaginative play scenes for children. Use as a meadow, separate to use as alternative landscapes. Pair up with ostheimer wooden animals for the ultimate play scene that takes children to their own imaginary world. Encourage open ended play with ostheimer toys. Made from sustainable wood and finished with organic oil.

ostheimer wooden toysOstheimer

Ostheimer have been carefully hand crafting wooden figures for over 70 years. In their own words “It is our desire to provide children with a beautiful and pleasant image of our world with all its human beings and animals.
Children do need such pictures to grow up healthy in our world.”
Ostheimer toys have a passion for providing children with toys that are made for them, that will engage them in free imaginative play. They (and we) firmly believe that this type of play enables them to take important steps in development and experience the beauty of childhood.
Ostheimer use high quality environmentally-friendly materials sourced from sustainable and local forestry.
“At Ostheimer, we appreciate wood and this is expressed in the way we treat this lively material throughout production stage. Starting with the conscious purchase of wood from sustainable forestry, continuing with efficient utilization and ending with the use of residual wood for the heating our buildings. Each step is dedicated to the protection of our environment.
Every piece of wood tells its own story. You can experience these stories through our toys. The surfaces are not sealed by paints or varnishes. The careful treatment with paints and organic oils gives children the possibility to experience the vitality of the wood with all their senses.”


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